Monday, July 13, 2009

"Frame-Ups" Day 6 & Day 8

I have a sick kid upstairs having trouble getting to sleep so I am going to make this short. For day 6 of Jessica Sprague's Frame-ups and Special Effects class we used a technique called "through the viewfinder" which adds a black frame around your photo:

Day 7 was a review quiz of everything we have learned in class.

Day 8 we talked about type & how to place type on a photo:

I am a little disappointing the font we used didn't have an ampersand. I ended up using an ampersand from a different font, but I'm not sure I like how it turned out. Oh well... moving on.

Evan really doesn't feel well today, which could keep us from going to IKEA in the morning. My dad has a polo shirt obsession which has outgrown his closet and drawers, so we are hoping to score some wire baskets to solve the problem. But sick babies come first, so we will see how the little guy feels in the morning.

I took my second golf lesson this afternoon from Craig at Tacoma Firs driving range. I can hit the ball pretty far about every 10th swing. The 9 swings in between are not so good. My mom thinks we could hit a course by the end of the summer, but I'm not so sure. Golf is really hard & I don't know if I could handle playing crappy golf an entire afternoon! But it's fun & gets me outside & is considered exercise, which are all good things.

Off to bed.

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