Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 13: Collage & Brush

I was hesitant to start Day 13's project because I didn't feel like I had the right photos. Jessica's photos are all so perfect, and I am feeling like I take one or two great ones, but the rest are just okay, and for a project that is going to hang in my house, I want great photos. I decided to use some of my favorite photos of the boys for my collage, and I'm satisfied with the results. It's not my favorite, but it's okay for now. I really want to get nine photos from the same day with both boys, but it's hard because Jack isn't sitting up on his own, and Evan is really squirmy! So for now, I'll take what I can get.

What we've been up to:

It's hot. Really, really hot. I am not looking forward to going into our hot room with our hot bed and sleep under hot covers tonight. The weather has been amazing the entire time we have been here. Hardly any rainy days & mostly sun and in the 60s, 70s, and sometimes 80s. But today was 91, which without AC can be more than uncomfortable, especially for our little ones. Evan couldn't sleep, so he is up in Abby's room where there is a ceiling fan. Jack is still sleeping down stairs on the floor, right next to our mini AC unit.

Mark signed and mailed his official offer today. I am so so proud of him, but scared to death too. We have so much to do in the next few months, and I am really afraid we won't get it all done. But... he has a job. And in this economy, I am thankful. His official title is Embedded Software Engineer, and he will be working for Northrop Grumman. Mark has been talking about working for NG for as long as I can remember, so when he got a call from a recruiter in February I knew in my heart he would be taking this particular job. I just had a feeling it would be a good fit, and everything has fallen into place.

Evan, Jack, & I are heading into Fife in the morning to visit the Mega Blocks Warehouse Store, hoping to score some new toys. I heard about the store from a friend, and I am really excited to see what products they have to offer. Evan loves anything to do with cars, especially the movie Cars, so I'm hoping the warehouse store will have some of their older Cars sets. After that, we have a play date at the park with our neighbors, followed by a picknick. Our days here in Puyallup are coming to an end really quickly, so we are enjoying our friends and all the activities and parks while we can.

A few more photos from our weekend:

Happy 5th Anniversary, babe!

be back tomorrow to show off the amazing anniversary present my hubby gave me, plus another layout. I'm also hoping to tackle the last week of Renee Pearson's class tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping to have a project or two to share from that as well. I'm sorry this post was so spazzy... just lots going on! Goodnight :-)

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