Monday, July 27, 2009

Emergency Room & a BBQ.

The short version: Evan fell out of bed and hit his cheek on the side table last night, resulting in a trip to the emergency room.  Four hours later we were back home, with one very tired & very bruised boy.  Luckily stitches were not needed; the emergency room doctor didn't think the cut was deep enough, so he used glue to close the wound. I did take a few photos of Ev today, but I don't have the heart to put them here.  Maybe in a couple of days when the swelling & bruising has gone down I'll post a new photo of my little guy, but for now I'm sharing only pre-injury photos.

Today was a low-key day for us.  Mostly I wanted Evan to rest and not do anything that would re-injure his face, but that is really hard to do for a three-year-old.  He was perky in the morning, but was crabby towards the end of the night.  I really hope he gets some sleep tonight & feels better in the morning for our trip north. 

This was our last weekend in Puyallup before moving back to Pullman, so we had our last summer BBQ.  The food was delicious & the company was good, too.  Jack slept through dinner & Evan only ate a hamburger bun, which he called "ham-boogers."  Goofy boy :-)

Next weekend we are driving to Tillamook, Oregon to celebrate my Grandmother's 95th birthday.  My parents have been generous enough to rent a couple of hotel rooms on the beach & we are turning the trip into a mini-vacation.  It has been so hot here, and temperatures are supposed to rise all week, so going to a beach where it's a little cooler is going to be great for us.  Mark and I are really missing our apartment with air-conditioning this week!

Despite Evan's crash & burn last night, we did have a good weekend:  

Jack has been so hot so he spent most of the day in only his diaper... he's been a much happier baby!

I love his hat from Old Navy... I'm not sure how much he likes it, though.

Last Wednesday we had a play date with Jayden at DeCoursey Park in Puyallup.  Evan & Jayden had a great time playing on the equipment & running in the grass & getting wet in the stream that runs through the park.  Jayden's Grandma, Terri, is the photographer who took the amazing photos of Jack  & Evan earlier in the summer, & she has some great tricks to get the kids' attention for photos.  Aren't they sweet together!?

I think my son has a crush!  Jayden has already invited Evan to her birthday party in September, so hopefully we will make it over for that.  I know he is going to miss her terribly when we leave in a couple of weeks.  He is going to miss his other friend, Kaity, as well.  We have been so busy this summer having great play dates & going on fun outings with kids Evan's age.  I hope we can get together with our "Puyallup friends" when we are back in September & again at Thanksgiving.

After tweaking my layout a few (dozen) times I think it's finished:

This photo represents our life right now: spending time together, playing outside, bonding with the kids before Mark heads back to school, and just being a family.  


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