Saturday, July 11, 2009

Frame-ups & Special Effects Project 3 + Evan & Jack

Our weather here in Puyallup has been absolutely beautiful the last couple of days & we have been taking full advantage by being outside as much as possible. I really wanted to get a few photos of Jack in the grass while he isn't mobile and running away from me!

And this guy is a very serious bike rider these days. He has finally figured out how to pedal (most of the time), and will even wear his helmet if it means he can go out with Grandpa or Daddy.

Evan loved "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," but I think he liked all the treats we brought more. He is a big fan of sugar in general, so Whoppers & Skittles & Peanut Butter M&Ms were a huge hit. Jack slept on my shoulder the entire movie & didn't flinch once. It was actually a really nice outing! We have had such a great week: the Science Center, Library, a movie, bike riding, and a play date. Now if I could just get Evan to back off Jack a little bit life would be close to perfect. Evan just has to be in his face sometimes, which is driving me crazy!!! I just want to be able to go to the bathroom without Evan trying to shove Jack's pacifier down his throat. Poor baby!

Today's project in Jessica Sprague's class was to use textures and a photo frame over a photo. I chose a photo from our honeymoon (almost five years ago!):

I'm not sure why I looked so pissed on our honeymoon & the texture really makes me look moody! We had a great honeymoon but I really don't remember Mark taking this photo. Oh well, it was a cool technique to learn. I'm not sure how many photos I will add texture to but I'm glad I know how! I am hoping Jessica will post some more samples of photos she has added texture to.

Another busy weekend coming up, packed with outings, visitors, and more birthdays. I hope we will have a little down time tomorrow or Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath. Happy, happy Saturday! My favorite day by far.

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