Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Photos.

My husband called me today from work and asked if I could post some new photos of the boys on my blog. Apparently the photos he was using (as his computer background) have an expiration date, and new ones are required ASAP :-)

Evan is in love with Mark's motorcycle, and puts Mark's helmet on every chance he gets. He knows he has to be 16 to ride on it, and he reminds us often that he is only 4, not 16, but when he is 16 he will ride a motorcycle.

And Jack? He is my easy-going, happy-all-the-time, adorable little guy. His molars are coming in, so he has been a tad grumpy, but I think I am the only one who notices. He loves to laugh, scrunch up his nose, snort, clap, squeal, crawl, throw his soccer ball, kick his feet, point, and chase after his big brother.

I adore both of these photos. My only dilemma is where to hang them in my house!

I need to wake Jack up from his afternoon nap... he has been sleeping for almost three hours. Gotta' love a baby who loves to sleep!


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