Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We celebrated Jack's first birthday on Saturday. He got his first taste of cake (white cake with chocolate frosting), and loved it. I really thought he was going to be sick, but he was happy and in a sugur coma for most of the day:

I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes & gifts for our little one-year-old. He has been spending a lot of time in the play room with his new toys.

Tomorrow we are (hopefully) going to a play date with some friends. Evan has been a wee bit ornery the last two days, so we will see tomorrow how his behavior is. He had a good night tonight, and went to bed happy, so I'm hoping tomorrow is pleasant and we can get out of the house. You never know with four-year-olds. One minute they're happy and cooperative, and the next they are grumpy, have their hands on their hips, and are telling you "no". Lots of ups and downs with him, that's for sure.

I'm praying tomorrow is a happy day!


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Terri said...

Looks like Jack enjoyed his first taste of cake! I'm glad you had a great day...and survived the sugar coma...LOL I have his gift here and figured I'd give it to you when you are out here later this month! We need to set up the days for the boys sessions...let me know what might work for you...I'm really looking forward to them. And, Jayden, can't wait to see Evan...she asks me every time I see her when Evan will be here...today I said "this month" which is exciting! Hope tomorrow goes well for all of you!!