Sunday, September 12, 2010

How big is Jack-Jack?

So big!

16 months old.

Jack loves playing that game, and I can't believe how big his is getting.

Evan has his first day of school tomorrow, and I'm excited and nervous for him. Evan runs hot and cold sometimes, and he was not excited about going to school when we were talking today. He has been a big difficult the past few days, and his sassy attitude is starting to wear on me. He is so inquisitive, but his constant question asking is getting in the way of his daily tasks, listening to directions, and eating at meal-time (and I'm sure my parents are thinking "he gets that from his mom!"). We are working on focusing on individual tasks, and when it's appropriate (and not appropriate) to ask 294372342893019 questions. I plan on spending some one-on-one time with him tomorrow morning (during Jack's am nap), and hopefully that will help him settle down before his first day of school tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck :-)


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Dion said...

A relative of mine once said that grandchildren are your reward for not killing your own kids, so you may be, in some way, earning that now...

My little cousin starts kindergarten tomorrow as well. He was born the summer after I graduated high school so that's pretty weird for me. They grow up so fast!