Tuesday, September 28, 2010

King's Island in September.

We were supposed to take a trip to King's Island on Saturday, but Jack wasn't cooperating. He had had enough of his pack-n-play, and decided to rebel by not taking a nap. Poor kid was a mess by the time we were supposed to go, so we stayed home & Mark put his new crib together. Sunday was a much better day, and after a great morning nap, Jack was ready for the amusement park.

Jack loves going on the rides, and this trip he cried when the ride would stop. This photo was taken after the Merry-Go-Round & he was so, so upset.

Off to bed :-)



Rick & Terri said...

Great photos, Erin...love the one of Evan holding Jack...and the one of him crying when the ride stopped...sounds like a nice family outing!!

Dion said...

That is the most terrified picture of Jack I have ever seen!

Mark said...

Oh those are some good pictures. I set my background to the picture of Evan holding "scared Jack". :) My babies are the cutest!