Saturday, January 29, 2011

A few more photos.

During our move I was so busy packing and helping Mark and Ken (or just getting in their way) that I didn't take very many photos. The fact that it was freezing cold, windy, and horribly uncomfortable outside didn't help, either. But when I dumped my memory card I did find a few photos that I just love:

Jack-Jack learned the word "Grandpa" the first or second day of my Dad's visit. He would say "Night, night Grandpa" (pronounced "Dampa") every day before nap time and bedtime.

Wearing Grandpa's hat and saying "hat".

A kiss from Dad before work.

On my to-do list for February is to create a scrapbook layout featuring Jack and his hats. His favorite hat is the pirate hat we purchased for Ev for Pirate and Princess day at school.

Could they be any cuter? Evan and Rocket are definitely best friends.

When Mark and Kenneth were packing up the truck in Ohio we had to leave the front door open so they could get in and out easily. It was well below freezing outside, and the inside of our house dropped to 42 degrees. Jack did not handle the cold well so I wrapped him up in blankets, pillows, and put him in a fleece jacket and pants. He was not a happy camper.

Mark and Kenneth unloaded the truck in under 4 hours. I was really impressed! And the weather in Florida was much more pleasant than in Ohio!

Jack-Jack's favorite place in our new house is on the back patio. He says "outside" and runs for the back door. He likes to push his shopping cart, ride in his blue buggy, and sit on his trike.

Mark and I are watching Red and hanging out on the couch with Rocket. The boxes can wait until tomorrow :-)


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