Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making Progress.

I finally have a few minutes to myself (Ev is at school; Jack and Rocket are napping), and my Christmas pictures are sorted and edited. When I looked through the photos I took Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I was not surprised that I only had a few good photos. I usually don't take that many photos at Christmas because I'm so busy helping the boys, cooking, cleaning up wrapping paper, etc. I think I took a whopping 26 pics this year on Christmas Day, and none Christmas Eve. Oh well. We had a lovely Christmas and I'm grateful for the photos I did take.

I love this picture of Jack and me. I love that he is holding his new Woody doll & still in his camo pajamas.

The kids each received several things from LeapFrog this year. Jack's new Tag Jr. was a big hit, and his favorite book is Curious George.

One of the first gifts Jack opened was a Playmobil 1-2-3 parking garage. The people included are his favorite part.

So, those are the Christmas photos. At least I'm in a couple of them :-)

And the rest of these are for my family. It's been almost 6 months since my parents and sister have seen Ev and Jack, and I know they need regular photo updates.

I love the faces this little guy makes. In the first photo he is surprised because Mark just walked in the door. In the second photo, Mark made a silly face and Jack thought it was funny.

"What?! I can't come in the kitchen while the oven door is open? I won't touch it, I promise!' I am such a mean, mean mommy.

He sure knows how to turn on the charm :-)

My favorite photo of the bunch.

You will notice I haven't posted many photos of Evan today. He has been growling or saying "no thank you" when I pull out the camera lately, so I don't have many pics of him. I hate that my 4 year old has an opinion!

My Uncle gave the kids an easel for Christmas and it fits perfectly in the kitchen.

Mark and Evan spent two days frosting and decorating their gingerbread house. It was truly a team effort, and it is still sitting on our kitchen table.

I love this photo of Rocket and me. He loves to chew on the string of my sweatshirts or Evan's sweatpants.

A little Cougar pride in Ohio. During one of the WSU games I was watching I had Evan shout "Go Cougs!" whenever we scored. Pretty soon Jack chimed in and was also shouting "Go Cougs!" I love my little brainwashed Cougar fans :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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