Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turning 5

We celebrated Evan's fifth birthday on Sunday with a mini celebration at home. We will be having his birthday party in Orlando next week, but Mark and I thought it would be fun for Evan to open his big present at home. I also managed to get a couple of photos with my oldest son:

Jack was not so cooperative:

Look at that face! He was so, so mad that I wanted him to sit on my lap for a photo :-)

Evan's new bike was a huge hit... he loved riding it up up and down the block. And yes, I do realize he is riding a bike without shoes & without a helmet. I let him ride for a couple minutes before sending him in the house for his safety gear. The weather has been lovely & we run around without shoes more often than not.

I'm off to watch my Wednesday night guilty pleasure: Off the Map. And maybe drink some wine. It's been one of those days.



Kelseyll =) said...

Those pics are just beautiful! I can't believe he is 5!!! Well, I can't believe Kaitlyn will be 6 this summer either!! You have to post more sunshine really is the only time I get to see the sun these days. I don't even have to explain how gray and dreary it is here to you!!! I want to MOVE!!! =) Happy Birthday to Evan!

Erin said...

Thanks Lisa! I will post pics from the beach soon... we are going on Monday! Not to rub it in or anything :-) How is Miss Kaity? When we visit this summer we have to make sure to get together!