Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Conversation with Evan

Back in February Cathy Zielske released a new template for Designer Digitals called Story Guide No. 1. I have wanted to create this layout for a while now, and today I sat down with Ev and interviewed him for the page.

The process of interviewing a 5 year old is pretty funny. He was very thoughtful in forming his answers, and a couple of times he said "I don't know yet... ask me again in 99 seconds." The kid is very into seconds, minutes, and time. After I finished interviewing him, he said it was his turn to ask me some questions. He asked me "What did you do when you were a baby?" I responded with "read books with my Mommy." He seemed to like that answer.

You can view Cathy's blog post on how to create this layout digitally or as a hybrid layout here.

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