Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quick Layout to Share.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have been relaxing, playing outside, hanging out in the play room, and being lazy. It's been perfect! Evan has been recreating his Mario Brothers game with his lego mini figures, and Jack has been playing with his "cool race cars" for two strait days.

Most of the race cars Jack has been playing with were cars we saved from when Evan was 2, so it's nice to see them getting used again. Jack isn't as into cars as Evan was, but he definitely likes to send them racing across the kitchen floor. He laughs and laughs when they crash into the kitchen table or the wall. I can't get enough of his little laugh.

I have a layout to share featuring Karla Dudley Designs. It took be forever to create this! I don't know what my problem was... too much time on vacation, I guess. Anyway, this is a story I wanted to make sure I documented, and these photos of Jack in his orthotics were perfect.

{All supplies are Karla Dudley Designs. Kraft cardstock. Patterned paper: Modern Marvel. Heart tag: Tweet. Heart frame: No. 1 Dad. Date stamp: Digi Essentials No. 10. "Jack" brushes: Digi Essentials No. 6. Stitches: Digi Essentials. Dot brush: Spring Anticipation. Number brush: Cypris. Staple: Digi Essentials. "21" bushes: Freebie stamped numbers. Fonts: 1942 Report & Georgia}.

The chocolate chip muffins I have baking in the oven are done, so I better run. I don't want to burn them... the boys would probably be a little miffed at me. Jack loves his "fuffins" :-)


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