Sunday, April 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom: Part 2

I am still working through our photos from our trip to Orlando. We took a ton on this trip!

Mark took a lot of the photos in this post. He has been picking up the camera more and more these days. I love finding unexpected photos on my memory card when I transfer them to my computer. He sees things differently & interacts differently with the boys than I do, and his photos represent that.

I love the big smile on Evan's face.

I took this photo right before we left the park. I wish I had asked my Mom or Dad to take one of the four of us, though. We didn't get a single family photo that week.

Some of my favorite memories from our day at Magic Kingdom:

* Paying $34 for ponchos with the Disney logo on them. I really wanted to ask the cashier how much the ponchos cost when it's not pouring down rain.

* Going on the Buzz Lightyear ride with Jack. Evan and Mark were in one little pod, and Jack and I were in another. He figured out how to control the joy stick and had us spinning in circles for the entire ride.

* Riding the Speedway with Jack and my Mom. We were all wearing ponchos and the car was soaked, and I couldn't figure out how to keep the car from ramming into the metal rail, but it was a blast.

* Having a late lunch at the Crystal Palace with Mark, Evan, Jack, and Uncle Tom. The food was good, the dessert bar was yummy, and having the characters come right up to our table and interact with the kids was great. I was not about to stand in line with two kids, in the rain, just so they can pose with a character or two. Character lunches were a great choice for us.

* Tracking down a green Mickey Mouse balloon for Evan. He insisted on a green one, but none of the street vendors had green balloons left. One of the vendors was nice enough to run to the back of the park and get one for him & Evan was so excited. I was less than excited when he told me the darn balloon was $10.00.

* Running around Tom Sawyer Island with Evan and Jack. After standing in lines, sitting in a stroller, and being generally confined for most of the day, the kids were thrilled to have some space to explore the island.

* Rides, rides, rides. It was raining most of the morning, which I'm assuming is the reason the crowds were tolerable most of the day. Between short lines at the less exciting rides & my Dad and Uncle walking ahead to get fast passes for bigger rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & Space Mountain, we were able to do almost everything.

I cannot wait to go back to Magic Kingdom. It is definitely my favorite of the four Disney parks & I would love to visit again without the ponchos. :-)

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