Monday, October 29, 2012

Around Here | October 2012 Edition

(Before I get to my regular blog post, I want to give a huge shout out to Karla Dudley for designing a fabulous new blog header for me. Thank you so much! I love it!)
Fall is in full swing and we have a lot going on these days. 

I am:

Working on Project life, yet terribly behind. How does that happen? I finish a week and the next week rolls around, so I'm a week behind again. But it is such an awesome project & I'm thrilled with what I have so far. Behind or not, I am sticking with it.

Christmas shopping and thinking about my December Daily album. The last time I created a December Daily, Evan was 21 months old, and I am really excited to do one this year.

Already dreading "the move" in January. I hate, hate, hate packing & unpacking & cleaning out the fridge & the stress moving causes. But I remind myself it is only stressful for a few days, then I will be in our new, big, beautiful house. It will be so worth it.

Wearing new glasses! I picked up my new pair of glasses (with transition lenses!) last week. They are wonderful. I can't believe I lived in Florida for almost 2 years without a pair of sunglasses.

Loving the cooler weather! I can only stand the 90+ degrees and high humidity for so long. Bring on the 70's and 80's! 

So excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We have fun things planned for all three holidays (including 3 Thanksgiving dinners on 3 different days), and I can't wait. 

Evan is:

Growing taller by the second, I swear. He has outgrown most of the clothes I bought him in June, and some of the clothes from August. I had him try on a pair of Old Navy size 6 jeans yesterday and they are 6 inches too short! And he is eating a lot, too. I think he is in the middle of a growth spurt.

Doing really well in school, and his last report card was proof of that. He is ahead in reading and math, and loves going to school every day. 

Is on a really fun soccer team and loving it. Mark and I are really impressed with how much he has improved this year already. "Soccer days" are the best days of the week according to Evan. 

Very excited for the upcoming holidays. He is just like his mama and counts down the days until Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. 

Jack is: 

Also getting very tall. He has moved up to 4t clothes & size 9.5 shoes.

Loving pre-school more than anything. And on Fridays he stays for pizza, which makes that day even better. The kid is pretty easy to please.

Suffering from a cold, and he doesn't do very well when he is sick. We hear a lot of fussing and whining and complaining... and he shares often about the status of his boogers. Mr. Dramatic thinks he's suffering from ebola, however it is just a cold. 

Very excited for the fall festival at his school on Wednesday. I will be manning the temporary tattoo station for a little while and he gets to make a craft, trick or treat, and play with his friends. 

Mark is:

Spending a lot of time on his kayak, both in our lake and in the ocean.

Taking Evan to soccer practice a lot, and Evan loves it. They practice together and Mark is teaching Evan a lot about scoring & how to attack the ball. 

Happy that I made him homemade pizza pockets for his lunches. They say the key to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? That is most definitely the case with Mark. :-) 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone stays safe this week.



Karla Dudley said...

The banner fit you ^_^ And your boys ARE growing up so very fast! Girl I remember when they were so tinny! That's how long we have been friends ^_^ I hope little man gets better soon!

Cass said...

I always love these detailed catch ups!!