Sunday, April 5, 2009

Evan & Butch

It is finally Spring here in Pullman, so Evan and I headed to the WSU men's baseball game this afternoon. The last time Evan went to a game he was only a month old, so this was a totally new experience for him.

During the 7th inning, Butch, the Cougar's mascot, was in our section & Evan waved to him. Butch saw that Evan was playing with his cars on the bleachers & joined him! I'm glad I always have my camera with me! Evan didn't want to sit on his lap, or get his picture taken with him formally, but he was more than happy to share his firetruck & police car with the giant cougar sitting with him:

I'll post a couple of new layouts today or tomorrow. For now, I am going to enjoy our beautiful 60 degree weather & relax!

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