Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Wednesday

Although technically it is in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I am calling this post "Random Wednesday." We have had a lazy, perfectly low-key day here. Mark was under the weather last night and this morning, and I didn't sleep well last night either, so we did pretty much nothing all day. Sometimes those are the best days. Evan also fully embraced our laziness and watched entirely too many cartoons this afternoon with Mark, and a movie with me in the morning. He was in heaven!

I did get around to creating a few cards this evening. Mark got me a couple of really cute Stampin' Up! stamp sets for my birthday, with a ton of accessories, and I hadn't gotten around to using them yet. I love the owl! And the bright summer colors. With our weather being just fantastic the last few days, I was in the mood for bright colors.

[Supplies: Stamps, paper, & accessories: Stampin' Up!. Embossing templates: Cuttlebug.]
The owl card is my own design. The other two cards were inspired by cards from Split Coast Stampers.

Evan and I went to another WSU baseball game on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, and even though I didn't see the end (the game went to 11 innings), the Cougs won! Evan had a great time, although you would never know it looking at this photo:

A couple of nights ago the baby had the hiccups, and Evan was very concerned. He could feel the hiccups and would say "It's okay baby" and rub my tummy :-)

A pre-nap smile... this one is for my dad's computer background at work. I love his grin!

Another trip to the park yesterday. Evan really wanted to be lifted to the top of the ladder so he could go down the big slide, but because I am so pregnant, that wasn't going to happen. This is the look I got when I said no... He can be "so 3" sometimes!


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