Saturday, April 18, 2009


As we get closer to the big day I am feeling a ton of pressure to wrap up all the little projects I have been working on since the 1st of the year. I spent New Years Eve deep cleaning my office, and until now it has stayed that way. Unfortunately with only a handful of days until the arrival of baby T, I have managed to turn my office into a disaster! I am working on layouts, a new miniBook about Evan, Thank You cards, and trying to play with my new-ish Cuttlebug (without much success). Add to it feeling tired all the time & little or no energy to actually accomplish anything... I'm getting a bit panicked! I really want to feel "settled" when we bring our new baby home, so I need to start following through on my ever growing to-do lists, but I would much rather watch the Mariners!

One of the projects I am trying to finish in the next week is a cute little miniBook I found at Michaels yesterday. Our Michaels is about as big as our apartment, so finding new products is rare! I did spot a new line by K & Co. that is simply adorable, including this flip-book mini album. I am not usually the type to buy pre-made or cutesy products, but I think Evan will really enjoy looking at his book when I'm done. What I love about it are the animals at the bottom of the page. Each animal is actually two pieces that can be flipped, making silly combinations. Evan liked the octopus head on the dog body the best. I am still at least one evening away from completing the book, but I really like how it's turning out. Different from what I normally do, but sometimes that is a good thing. Stretching my creativity a bit:

I need to add journaling to each page, which I think I am going to do on the strips at the bottom. I am three pages in and only 7 more pages to create! I tried to include photos that corresponded with each pages animal. The front page has a dog, so I chose a photo of Evan in his dalmatian Halloween costume from 2007. Pages two and three are water themed, so pool & bath photos seemed appropriate.

In honor of Spring & wanting to spend every second outdoors in the warm weather, Mark & Evan each got new gloves and baseballs this week. Evan isn't so sure about the glove, but he definitely gets the baseball! He has quite an arm for a three year old, which he demonstrates at every opportunity. Because our winter has been so long and cold we have been bending the rules a bit about playing catch in the house (or soccer, or hitting a baseball, or shooting hoops...), and my poor artwork has paid the price. Just today he took out my butterfly wall hanging for the second time this winter! I have also lost two framed photos in the last month due to flying objects. I cannot wait to be at my parent's house this summer: they have a nice big backyard for Evan to use. We will be spending lots of time outside!

Another fantastic trip to the park on Thursday. It was a little cool, but Evan didn't care. He could have stayed all day! I cannot believe how independent has become. Last year we had to follow him around and make sure he didn't fall or hurt himself. This year we do much more watching & listening to him yell "I did it!" when he crosses the scary bridge :-)

Evan wanted to get out his "Thomas the Trains" tonight to play with. My Uncle, Evan's Great-Uncle, got him an add-on piece for this set in March, and Evan just loves it. I wanted to make sure Uncle Tom got to see photos of his great-nephew playing with his train set:

I love how his leg is propped up in this photo. This has become one of Evan's signature "poses" during serious playtime. He also spends a lot of time flat on his tummy pushing his trains along. I have no idea why he does this, but he's been doing it since he got his first Matchbox car.

Tomorrow is a serious cleaning day. It's the last free Saturday I have with Mark before our c-section & I am taking full advantage. He has shelves to attach to the wall, his bathroom to clean, a carseat to install, and many other tasks on his honey-do list. I will feel so much better when the carseat is installed, just in case. Although I have been having a lot of talks with our little guy about staying put for just a few days longer. Everything is planned, which means something will inevidably go wrong... or go early!

Wish us luck on our cleaning endevours :-)

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Cass said...

I've actually been thinking alot about you lately, Erin, with the countdown dwindling and Baby to arrive just oh-so-soon. I hope you're able to get done what you can and walk away easily from the rest. Can't wait to hear the news of your new boy's arrival and to see photos of Big Brother holding him so proudly.

Keep well, keep rested ... I'll be checkin' in!
Take care of yourself. :)