Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A quick post...

We are off to the West side in the morning to celebrate a certain little boy's 3rd birthday:

Evan & Mark were shooting hoops in the living room and Evan made a basket. This is his super excited "YES!" after making the shot!

One of Evan's favorite ABC puzzles. He likes to line up the letters in order and recite them to me :-)

We have such a busy 5 days ahead of us:
*Shopping for my baby shower & Evan's birthday
*Baking/cooking for two parties
*Evan, Mark, and Grandpa Taylor are heading to the air museum on Friday so I can do some baking/cooking in peace.
*Baby Shower Friday
*Birthday Party Saturday
*Mark is golfing on Sunday with my dad (if the weather is decent)
*Hopefully Abby & I will get to have a mani/pedi afternoon, if we can find a couple of spare hours!

I don't know how much posting I am going to do from the road, but I am looking forward to playing with Mark's new iPhone during the 5 hour car ride tomorrow! This is our first trip since Evan has been potty trained, so that should add a small dose of anxiety to us parents. He is just keeping us on our toes & making sure we don't get lazy in our old age!


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