Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break is over...

...and we are home! Our trip was packed with parties & shopping & eating at restaurants we don't have in Pullman. I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would... I was too busy being "in the moment" during our trip. For me, that's okay. So many times I am behind the lens, not really participating in events. My mom did snap one photo of my baby shower:

I am so blessed to have many, many wonderful friends and a loving, supportive family. Once again, I was more than spoiled! Thank you to everyone who was there & all the adorable gifts for Baby T. Only 5 weeks left...

Evan's birthday party the next afternoon was a huge success. We kept it really low-key, and invited some family and one little friend. One of my favorite moments of the party was singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He isn't really a center-of-attention kid when there are lots of people around, so he covered up his ears during the song and said "no!" until we finished. He definitely got his shyness from his Daddy!

I am still way behind on my P365 album, but I really wanted to get a layout done tonight, so that's what I did! These photos were taken back in January during a play-date with a friend of Evan's.

I totally scrap-lifted this from Ali Edwards. I think the July 2007 issue of CK? I can't remember right now, but I am so thrilled with the 8 x 12 photo I used. Scrapbookpictures.com does a fantastic job with enlargements.

Off to clean up my scrappy mess!

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Karen said...

I was reading your post with Ethan in the room and he said "Hey! That's me!" I hadn't gotten to that part yet, but sure enough there he was in your layout. Very cute! We are going to have to exchange photos of each other & kids one of these days.