Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring forward...

I always forget how much I hate to "Spring Forward" every March. Lose an hour of my day? Yuck. So here it is, 1:40am, and my body is telling me it's only 12:40am, which is not bedtime. It doesn't help that I took a nice 2 hour nap between 8:30-10:30pm, so I am all screwed up. Between being pregnant and the time change I have a feeling I am going to be really crabby in the morning. Poor Mark!

We had a completely low-key Saturday here, which we needed. Evan played Geotrax for a good portion of the morning & afternoon, with a trip to the grocery store mid-day.

After nap Evan wanted to see "grandma-grandpa-abby" (all one word!), so I sat him in front of my computer and let him watch a slide show of some Christmas pics:

And because I think he's cute, even with his eyes closed:

Watching "Charlie & Lola" before bed. It cracks me up that he sits exactly like his Grandpa while watching TV. I need to find a picture of my dad in the same position :-)

And one more for good measure. As we get closer to bringing home Baby T, it seems so necessary to spend as much time with Evan as possible. I'm thankful everyday I can stay home with him & capture these great family moments, but somehow it still doesn't seem like enough. With all the changes 2009 will bring (new baby, Mark graduating, a possible move, new job, etc.), I want to stop time and simply enjoy where we are. When we first moved to Pullman in 2005 it seemed like we would be here forever, but we have really grown to love our little town & all the wonderful people we have met. I hope Evan remembers some of his time here. I know the Palouse will always hold a special place in my heart.

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