Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love Watching You Grow

What should have been a quick digital layout ended up taking forever, but it's done! I'm super excited about all the digi layouts I created in recent months. My goal now is to get them uploaded to Costco or for printing.

[Supplies: Ali Edwards layered template, patterned paper, solid paper; prissy frat boy font.]

Evan & I are heading to another WSU baseball game tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Totally procrastinating about getting my office clean. I have dozens of layouts that need to be put in their albums, photos to sort & put away, and projects to wrap up, but messing with PSE7.0 is way too much fun!

Mark installed our new infant car seat today. He also mounted two tall bookshelves to the wall to prevent a major accident if Evan decides to climb them. He cleaned Lorelai's cage & made us dinner & cleaned off our back deck. I definitely married an awesome guy :-)


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