Wednesday, January 6, 2010

... and we are moved in!

No, I don't have photos of the move right now. I know, I know, what was I thinking?!? Well... we had to meet the movers really early, I am still blaming jet lag for my groggy mornings, Evan was so excited (and underfoot) so he was hard to entertain with movers in and out of the house, and I completely forgot my camera... but Mark did get a few photos with his iPhone, and I took a few with Evan's little digital camera (from Auntie Abby), so hopefully I will have a few (possibly grainy & almost certainly blurry) photos to upload soon.

But... the movers worked for six hours (minus 3 or 4 smoke breaks), and all our stuff made it in the house/garage without a problem. I was concerned about getting our washer and dryer into the basement, but they managed to squeeze them through the drop down stairs with less than half an inch to spare.

I figure since it took three movers only two days to pack us, seven days to drive to Ohio (with two stops: Yakima, WA & somewhere in Minnesota), and six hours to unload us, it should take me approximately 234897395629358739 hours for me to unpack us... and even then I will still have the garage to do. I forgot how much I hate unpacking and finding new homes for all our stuff. Our new kitchen is about the same size as our old kitchen... with less cabinet space :-( I spent most of my time after the movers left unpacking the kitchen boxes, and I already have a garage sale box, donate box, and garbage box to eliminate some of our excess stuff. That actually felt really good to do. New year, less crap (my new motto!).

Okay, enough rambling. I do want to leave you with a photo of the munchkins that was lost amongst our Christmas/December photos:

... and thank you to all our friends and family who have been thinking about us (and e-mailing, and calling) during our little cross-country adventure. We are thinking about you too and missing everyone terribly! I will probably have a post soon about all the things I miss about Pullman (like Safeway, how it only took 10 minutes to drive across town, no freeways, knowing more than 4 people {and those people just drove away after unloading their Atlas truck into our house}, etc., etc.)... but that's for another day.


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