Saturday, January 23, 2010

Settling In.

What have we been up to? Too much, I'm afraid! Mark & Jack both got the flu (and I got a milder version).

Mark had his first "off Friday" yesterday & it was blissful! He works a 9/80 (80 hours in 9 days) & consequently has every other Friday off. This is something I am going to love about his new job!

We have been putting shelves together & organizing closets.

We toured a pre-school yesterday for Ev. I'm not sure if it is "the one." I know it sounds silly, but we loved his pre-school in Pullman, and this one didn't feel right... maybe because it's not what we are used to, or maybe because it really won't be a good fit, but I'm not sure. I'm usually a believer in trusting my instincts, but I just can't make this decision! So we've decided to try and find another school to compare it to.

The four of us ate an amazing meal with some new friends tonight. I'm so thankful we had a dinner out of the house with other adults. Seriously needed that.

Jack has figured out that solid foods really are tasty and he is gobbling them up now. That makes mommy's life a whole lot easier!

Evan is really into trains and cars again... and Olivia on Nick Jr. And Backyardigans. He is so much like his father in that he gets completely obsessed with something for a bit, them moves on to something different, and the cycle repeats. He might be a little like his mama, too :-)

Our evenings are peaceful. No homework, exams, finals, internship work, or school related stuff at all. Mark gets to play Xbox & hang out with me. I kind of feel like we live a "grown up" life now!

I haven't been able to find my cord to connect my camera to my laptop, so no photos right now. I'll look for that again tomorrow.



Cass said...

Hi Erin!
So glad to hear you're settling in well now ... though no fun to have some sick boys!
I know it's hard to compare to your own home and community for awhile ... so I hope you find some really wonderful and perfectly fit things there soon enough. And I KNOW! ... I know what it's like to finally have a husband done with school! So, so nice.

Cass said...

Ok, I'm back to say ... nice new look!

But I'm trying to figure out from your header ... is your name ... Erin? :)

Erin said...

Yes, that's my name :-) And the name of my blog... but I really liked the quote... too confusing?

Cass said...

ha, no, not confusing!!

i just like how it's like a broadway marquee or something ..... ERIN .... (spirit hands!!) ... no missing that one!


Terri said...

Looks great, Erin! Isn't it nice to start out a year with a fresh new look?! Of course, you have LOTS of new things for the year...looking forward to some photos (when you find the camera cord!!) of the boys and your home!