Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is What Grumpy Looks Like:

This little guy has had a stomach virus for the last three days, so I have seen this face a lot lately. I just hope the rest of us don't get it... I don't want Mark to have to take sick leave only 7 days into his first real job!

Our house is getting unpacked & organized more & more each day. I am almost ready to take photos of some completed rooms. It has been such a s-l-o-w process, and the play room is still a disaster, but it's getting there.

Our phone line was activated today (although we don't know which box our phone is in...), but our Internet is still unavailable. Right now I am tethering Internet from Mark's iPhone :-) Hopefully I will catch up on e-mails and such soon.

That's it for now. I have a Candyland play date with my three year old in the morning so I better get to bed :-)


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Mark said...

Guess who doesn't feel well...