Thursday, January 7, 2010

Design Your Life Assignment 1

As I look through photos of our time in Pullman, I am compelled to write down stories & document our everyday activities before the memories are forgotten. We really did love spending time in Pullman, and I want to make sure Evan (and Jack) have scrapbook pages detailing their activities and adventures.

The first assignment for my Design Your Life class focuses on balance, and I new I had the perfect photos for this layout:

Evan, Jack, and I are heading back to the Hamilton House (as we've nicknamed it) tomorrow for more unpacking. I'm almost done with the kitchen, then I will be tackling the play room. I have been informed by my three-year-old that I need to find his red airplane. And Zippity. And Click Start. And Candyland. And I'm sure I'm forgetting many of his toy requests from the last couple of days :-) Jack is happy simply sitting on his blanket and watching Evan, while chewing on his favorite toy... his butterfly teething ring from Uncle Ken.


Karen said...

Great layout! There are so many things I want to capture before I forget too.

Unpacking does take forever doesn't it? That is so nice that Mark was able to be there when the movers came. That would be a lot with two little ones.

Cindy said...

Can I tell you how many times over the years our friends who have moved away from Pullman have said how much they loved this little town? I've never really gotten used to having so many friends move away but I do feel fortunate living here!

Great walks, weren't they?!