Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ev & Jack-Jack

We have been doing a lot of hanging out around here. Snow is still on the ground, and Jack is still recovering from pneumonia, so we have been finding things inside to keep us busy.

Jack-Jack (or Jackaroo, according to Evan), has learned to keep his balance while standing:

And he has mastered clapping! He is so excited to clap. Today we did many goofy things to get Jack to clap: silly faces, laughing, squealing, jumping up and down; it's been a pretty exciting day here because of Jack's new talent.

Evan pulled out his Playmobil bin today during Jack's afternoon nap. Because of all the small parts, Playmobil has to stay in the closet when Jack is awake. Evan was thrilled to put his raccoons in their "tree tunnel" (hollow log), and for his teeny tiny butterfly to ride in an airplane.

{Clapping while holding two roll-around balls.}

I love this photo because he looks so bored with me and my camera!

Evan likes to play as long as he can in the morning while wearing his pajamas. Changing into day clothes isn't his favorite activity. I hear a lot of "but I am wearing a shirt!" or "I don't need new pants!" and "my underwear is clean, not dirty!"

Have a wonderful Friday, friends.


Terri said...

It sounds like Jack is working on his next "step" which will be taking steps - he's such a big boy and it sounds like Evan is a great big brother!

Dion said...

"I don't need new pants!" "my underwear is clean, not dirty!" Clearly Evan is advancing quickly to manhood! Lol