Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pre-School, a Layout, and Jack


Evan started pre-school on Tuesday & it was a totally different experience this time. His first day of school in Pullman was a wee bit traumatic for him (and us), and he spent the first 30 minutes crying on the circle time rug. Yesterday, he gave me a hug and a kiss and followed his teacher to his new classroom without looking back. I didn't bring my camera for his second, first day of school (I had my hands full without Mark & having Jack), but I'm hoping to get a few photos of him at his new school tomorrow.


Another asymmetrical layout for Cathy Zielski's Design Your Life class. These photos of Evan show just how energetic, fun, and crazy my little guy is. He is a ball of energy most of the time, and loves going to places like the science center. Usually he goes and goes, eats, then crashes on the car ride home (which is exactly what he did on this trip!).


I haven't posted a new photo of Jack-Jack in a few days, so this one is for the grandparents:

I think he looks so much like Evan in this photo... I really need to pull out my external hard drive and find photos of Evan around the same age. Although I'm not sure why Jack looks bald on his right side...?

Jack has hit a couple of milestones in the last three days. Monday he said "mama" for the first time & I must admit I did a little happy dance in the kitchen! Evan's first word was "da da", so this was extra special for me. And today he fed himself a Gerber fruit puff for the first time. He's been trying for a week now to grasp those little puff bits and shove them in his mouth, and today he did it. Mark, Evan, and I clapped and cheered for him & he got a big "I did it" grin on his face. I love that grin :-)

Tomorrow is another busy day for us as I shuttle Mark to and from work, drop off and pick up Evan from school, and keep the little one entertained (and away from all computer and phone cords). Wish me luck!

xoxo Erin.


Terri said...

Yeah...glad to hear the "second" first day of school went so well...I'm sure it makes you a bit sad that your little guy is growing up! I had meant to ask earlier if you'd found a preschool...but now I know the answer! And...Jack...exciting for him and the picture of him...he's getting so big! I love seeing your boys grow and change...thanks for sharing!!

Mark said...

Man I have good genes.

Karen said...

Hurray Evan.

Love, love, LOVE the layout. Great photos too.

Wow, I didn't realize you were the family chauffeur too. Wishing you luck today.