Monday, February 8, 2010

Pneumonia: Round 2

I had grand plans to write a long blog post tonight with lots of photos... but Jack has been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia and is grumpy. He is also not sleeping well, therefor I am grumpy. And Evan is fighting a cold, so we are hanging out here the next few days (and I am going to bed early!). What is it with my kids being sick all the dang time? Good thing I don't work... I don't know how I could take so many days off to be home with sick babies!

Hopefully I will update with photos of two healthy boys soon.

xoxo Erin.

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Terri said...

Dang...I'm so sorry for you and the boys, Erin! I know how exhausting it is with your kids being breaks for mom and you need to remember to take care of yourself... I hope that they both are feeling better REAL soon and that you and Mark stay well also!! Here's to better days as the week goes on!