Sunday, August 15, 2010

Right Now.


Adores his back-to-school sweaters from Crazy 8. After I had him try this one on, he didn't want to take it off & insisted on wearing it the rest of the evening.

Is talking about going to school a lot. "Do I go tomorrow?" and "when do I start school?" are questions he asks me almost every day.

Loves his baby brother to pieces. When Jack wakes up from nap time, Evan is the first one to race up the stairs and run into their room so Jack won't cry.

Has been playing with his Tag & reading "Up" for the past few days. He likes to memorize the stories so he can read along with the Tag.

Loves going to the water park at the YMCA. We put a life vest on him so he can swim around on his own in the deep end, and he loves jumping off the side of the pool.

Still says "I love you" and "you're my best friend"; he totally melts my heart.


Likes having time to himself during the day. He will crawl into the play room and stack blocks, play with his Fisher-Price kitchen, or look at books if Evan is being too noisy or he is getting tired.

Is still sleeping 11-12 hours at night, and taking two naps during the day.

Loves it when Mark or I read him "Dinosaur's Binkit" by Sandra Boynton. He likes touching different textures, lifting flaps, and turning pages.

Started saying "wow" this week. While we were driving home from Crazy 8 he was in the back seat saying "wow, wow, wow, wow" over and over and over.

Thinks Evan is hysterical. All Evan has to do is make a funny noise and Jack starts laughing and clapping.

Is still into everything. He loves to pull books off the book shelf, take all the toys out of the toy box, unfold laundry, open the kitchen cabinets and take all the food out, and knock his blocks over so they make a crashing noise.


Are best friends.

Still share a room, but it works really well for us. We haven't had any problems with them not sleeping, or keeping each other up at night.

Are learning how to share their toys. I have a feeling we are going to be dealing with this issue for the next few years. Jack wants everything Evan has, and Evan doesn't like it when Jack ruins his game, track, or whatever he is playing with. Evan is very patient with his baby brother, and we are finding things Jack can play with so he doesn't take Evan's things.

Are my stubborn, happy, moody, loud, adorable little boys.

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Cass said...

Oh, this is great, Erin! You'll be so happy you wrote down all these little details in years to come.

Oh, two boys ... aren't they fantastic?!