Monday, August 30, 2010

Rediscovering Crayons

Evan has rediscovered Crayons. And markers. And drawing. We have one wall in our kitchen that is covered in art from Evan (and a bit from Mark & Jack, too). I need to remember to take a picture of our art wall. It's pretty cool.

Evan likes to make hills & roads, and draw cars on those roads. He also likes to draw the four of us together, in our home. He is such a sweet boy.

This one is a little crazy with the Crayons. But he loves to do anything his big brother is doing, including coloring. He is great at scribbling on the paper (and on the table). And he loves to color his legs with markers. We have to watch Jack very closely when he is coloring because he also likes to eat Crayons. Silly boy.

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