Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For my mom & dad:

I finished sorting and editing the photos from my parents' visit, and I thought I would post some of them here. All of us had a wonderful time & I can't believe how fast those 2.5 weeks went. All of a sudden it's August and I'm back-to-school shopping. Where does the time go?

Cincinnati Zoo
I hate taking pictures at the zoo. There are always poles, fences, mesh cages, buildings, and other objects blocking my view of the animals, & causing my photos to have obstructions that drive me crazy! I attempted to take a photo of my mom, dad, Evan, and Jack on the train we rode around the zoo, but there are not one, but two poles in the photo. It was also 90+ degrees and humid that day, so I was monitoring the kids' water intake, and trying to keep the fussing to a minimum. The Cincinnati Zoo is huge, and it was a lot of walking, but the animals were amazing. Jack was completely in awe of every exhibit, and would screech if someone stood in front of his stroller and he couldn't see.

Grandpa & Jack-Jack

On a particularly hot day, my Mom and I took the kids to Bananas Jump and Play (Come & Jump? Drop in & Jump? I don't remember their tag line...) Anyway, Evan probably ran 5 miles that day, and Jack sat in one spot and smiled.

King's Island
Another hot, hot day in Ohio, but the kids didn't seem to notice. This trip I decided (after some prompting from my mom), to allow Jack to sit with Evan on a couple rides. His expressions were absolutely priceless. He smiled at all the attendants that strapped him into the car/train/seat. Evan was very protective of his baby brother & put his arm around him during the fast parts.

Saying Good-bye
This is one of the last photos I took before Mark and Evan drove them to the airport. Evan fell asleep on the way, and didn't really wake up when my mom & dad tried to say good-bye to him. When Mark and Ev got home home, Evan broke down and started crying, saying he missed them already. It broke my heart that he was so upset. He had a couple of rough days after they left, but I think he's feeling better.

Thanks, Mom & Dad, for making the trip to Ohio to visit us. We love you!



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