Monday, August 6, 2012

Pool Day

We are celebrating the last two days of summer vacation by sleeping in, playing games, enjoying our patio, and registering Evan for first grade. He has been getting up around 7:30/8:00am the last few weeks, and come Wednesday that is going to change! He will have to be up by 7:00am so he can eat breakfast and get ready for school.

The weather here has been hot, hot, hot, and to stay cool we've been enjoying the pool! Our neighborhood has a nice pool we can use, and we are lucky to have friends who also have a pool. We spent last Thursday cooling off in the Cate's pool, and the kids were in heaven! Evan is my little fish and is also an independent swimmer, which is great because Jack is a reluctant swimmer and takes some coaxing to get into the water. 

Evan can't swim without his swim goggles, but keeping track of his goggles has been a constant struggle this year. I finally told him that his two pairs of goggles are his responsibility, and I'm not buying another pair this year (we've gone through at least 4 pairs). He took my warning very seriously and has not lost a pair since. He has a special place for his goggles and he puts them back after each swim. Way to go, Evan! 

Jack was a little agitated when he first got in the pool. He isn't comfortable in the water and likes to spend 5-10 minutes in, then get out and walk around the pool (which I hate). Anna grabbed her pool seats and blew them up for the kids and Jack *loved* sitting in one! I don't think I've ever seen him so happy in the pool. He called it his "boat" and happily floated around the pool for a long time. 

Only two more days of summer for us! I am looking forward to the routine of having Evan and Jack in school, but I really do love having them home during the summer. 

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