Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#LegoMania | Digital Layout

For years, I have been buying Lego sets for the boys, but they haven't been interested. Sure, they open them up and maybe put a few pieces together, but usually the very expensive sets end up in one giant bin, and the firetruck/airplane/whatever is never actually assembled. 

Then we went to Lego Land in December. They boys loved every second of it, and they quickly put their new Lego sets together. A couple of months later we saw the Lego Movie in theaters, and Evan discovered the TV show Ninjago, and an obsession was born. 

Of course I had to document Evan's new hobby. I used a 6x12 inch digital template from Simply Tiffany Studios and elements from Karla Dudley's Life Story March & April kits. I usually create 12x12 inch or 8.5x11 inch layouts, and occasionally 8x8 inch layouts, so this was a fun change.

Jack is following in his brother's footsteps and received several new Lego sets for his birthday, too. I used my phone to take this photo of Jack. He is playing with his new Lego Juniors and Lego City sets. According to both Evan and Jack, Legos are the best. 

They boys are already looking forward to spending their summer playing with Legos.

Jack decided that Ninjago Legos are cool, but too hard for him to assemble. He likes the City and Juniors Legos the best.

Jack always gives me the "bad guy" to play with, while he is the good guy.

The best part about his new set? The jail where the bad guy has to go when he is naughty. 

Oh, how I love having little boys. And so far, ages 8 and 5 are pretty awesome. 


lil gik said...

Love the way your 6x12 layout came out! I've tried digi in the past, but struggled a lot. :)

Michelle said...

I love this! I have never tried a 6x12 page before. My 7.5 yr old thinks legos are the best too. He is so into the Star Wars sets.