Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn In Pullman.

Why is it that the days fly by during fall? I can't believe we are into October already. Mark has been in school for 6 weeks already (ten weeks to go!), and Evan has been in pre-school for 5 weeks. Jack turned 5 months lat week, and Evan was exactly 3.5 years old last Tuesday. We are in "school mode" for sure. I love that our days are more structured & we have a great routine. Mark is working hard in his classes and Evan is doing great, too. Our days are so busy, so that is my excuse for not blogging so much.

I wanted to document a little about Jack @ 5 months:

* Jack, you are the happiest little guy I know. You will go to anyone, you smile all the time, and you love to be held.

*You have been asserting yourself vocally lately, which can be both cute & ear-piercing at the same time. When you want to be picked up/moved/rolled over/sat up you usually growl really low (cute) or shriek really loudly (ear-piercing!).

*You are eating less often, but more per feeding. Usually around 7 ounces fills you up. You still don't spit up much, but you drool and chew on everything.

*You and Evan have had a lot of bonding time in the last month, especially since you've been on a great awake/nap/awake/nap/awake/bed schedule. You are so very alert during your awake periods, and Evan is thrilled to entertain you.

*Thank you, Jack, for being such a good baby. For being all smiles when you wake up in the morning, for cooing & giggling when I smile at you, and for being so go-with-the-flow. You are deeply loved.


Yesterday we celebrated Mark's friend Roy's birthday at Taco Del Mar. Mark was teaching Evan how to wink:

Happy Birthday Roy!

Evan also had soccer practice yesterday:

Mark has nick-named him the "Dominator" because of how skilled he is on the field. Is it okay for me to say that I'm really proud of my little guy?!

Fall also means beautiful flowers:

Hot Cocoa:

Chocolate milk in a mug, just like mama's:

Long sleeve shirts & hugs:

And lots & lots of school work & projects:

Have a wonderful week, friends.


Dino said...

Coincidentally, college is merely pre-school for adults.

And yes, happy birthday to mr. frijole. Keep doing that one thing with that chicken.

Kristy said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I hopped over to your blog this morning and really enjoyed reading through some of your posts.....looks like we have a lot of the same interests: Ali Edwards, scrapbooking, "Brother and Sisters," House of 3 and of course our hubbies and little kiddos :)

Unknown said...

GREAT photos, Erin! Love the update on the boys...can't believe how big Jack is getting! The photo of Jack and Mark is wonderful...great portrait! As always, so fun to see the boys...and hear what you've been up to! I'm sure you are counting down the weeks...till school ends and life takes a turn for something new!!!