Wednesday, October 14, 2009


On Monday morning I got a call from my Uncle Tom letting me know that my Great-Grandmother, Vivian, had passed away earlier that day. Vivian was diagnosed with cancer a little over a month ago, and had died peacefully in her home, just the way she wanted to.

My family was able to spend some time with her in July, and I cherish those memories now that she is gone. Evan and I also visited her in June of 2008, and I created a layout with one of the photos I took during that trip:

While I was writing the entries for the Me: The Abridged Version class I am taking, one the entries I wrote under V was Vivian:

My Great-Grandmother, Vivian, was diagnosed with cancer last month. She is 95 years old, and has already beat cancer before, but this time she has decided not to fight. She is at peace with dying, and the cancer is in a couple of tumors in her liver and intestines, so it's really too late to do anything anyway. I am having a hard time dealing with her illness, because she has always been around. It's hard to believe she was 71 when I was born.. not exactly a spring chicken! But she has always been a part of my life, and I am going to miss her terribly when she's gone. I know her passing is going to be really hard on my mom, too, because Vivian is the last link she has to my grandmother, who died when I was five. Grandma Stangle is so soft spoken, well liked, and one of the most caring people I know. She has lived an exceptional life, and I would be honored to be regarded the way Vivian is. In the past I have told Mark that Grandma Stangle is busier than I am. She worked in the hospital gift shop, played dominos and bridge at her retirement home, and helped with the dining room flower arrangements on Tuesday mornings. Her passing is going to touch the lives of many, many people.

I love you, Great-Grandma Stangle.

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