Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diapers, Laundry, & the Boys.

I guess I haven't posted because we've been up to.... the same old thing. I've been taking a ton of photos of this little guy:

Jack has also been leaking through his diapers at night (and during nap times), so we have made the switch to gDiapers. They are kind of a disposable/cloth diaper hybrid which are supposed to be great at night & I feel a little better because they are environmentally friendly & they come in cute colors :-)

Evan has really been against having his photo taken recently, so this post is very Jack-heavy. I feel bad that I don't have more photos of Ev, but he's been uncooperative.

Solid foods are still a struggle for this little guy. Sweet potatoes and oatmeal:

...but he sure loves his Bumbo:

Jack has been teething like crazy, so he's been a little crabby:

But Evan still loves him to bits:

I think pre-school is wearing Evan out, because bedtimes haven't been a problem that last few weeks:

We have been playing endless rounds of Hi Ho Cherry-oh, Chutes & Ladders, and Candyland. Evan loves to play games, and these three have been on the top of his list for the last month:

The amount of laundry I have been doing is borderline ridiculous:

... and the boys have been playing together like crazy:

Evan has been taking pictures (or "pitures" as he would say) with our camera, and he captured this image of me making dinner last night:

And this little boy melts my heart every single day:

I hope to post more pictures of Evan tomorrow or Friday... if he lets me take some!


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Terri said...

Good morning, Erin! As always...good photos...and fun to see the kids growing all the time...and to see that life continues as normal, which is the way it's suppose to be! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend...have a safe trip over tomorrow!