Friday, September 4, 2009


I love how each of our children have their own nicknames that have evolved from their personalities. Jack has acquired many, many nicknames over the last four months:
The Jack Meister
Baby Tiger
Baby Bean
... just to name a few.

Evan went off to pre-school this morning without any tears or clinging to my leg so I can't walk out the door without him. I told him I was leaving and he just waved and went back to him puzzle. Now I'm a little sad that he doesn't miss me!

I started Cathy Z.'s "Me: The Abridged Version" class last night. I have really excited to take on the project and create an entire album dedicated to me. I create so many layouts & projects for Mark and the boys, but not very many pages are about me & what has created the person I am today. I am hoping to stay caught up and have a cool, completed album in four weeks.

We have family arriving tomorrow & a fun weekend planned so blogging will be light. Have a fantastic weekend!

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