Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saturday-Wednesday: Our Week in Photos

I just finished uploading all the photos I wanted to post, and now I hear Jack waking up from his nap, so actual commentary will be light:

Evan took this photo of me feeding Jack. He held up the camera with the attached flash, looked through the view finder, and was able to push the correct button. He was so proud of himself!

Love his blue eyes...

Mark was making dinner and had Jack strapped to his back. We didn't realize Jack had fallen asleep! I took the picture then quickly rescued him from this horribly uncomfortable position!

Getting all of Evan's papers out of his cubbie is something we do every time we pick him up from pre-school.

My little buddy in the mornings when Evan is in school.

We got together Sunday with Jayden, Terri, and Rick. These two had a great time playing, but didn't want to pose for pictures. Little stinkers!

Now both boys are awake from their naps, so I am off to entertain... Happy Wednesday, friends.