Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The First Day of Pre-School + Other Stuff

Some notes about Evan's first day of pre-school:

Leaving for school.

1.) Evan was excited about going to school & we talked about mommy & daddy leaving (and coming back), but the departure time was tough. He did a lot of crying (for about 20 minutes, according to his teacher), but he recovered by transition time & had fun the rest of the day.

2.) He participated in the art project & answered the question "what makes you special?" He replied: "I like cars." He gave the answer I would have expected him to! It's what I would have said :-)

Right before Mark and I left. He was very sad & clingy, but didn't cry until right before we walked out the door.

We tried to engage him in some activities before leaving, but he wanted to watch and hold my hand for the most part.
He did pick up a few colored blocks (to see through, of course!), but that didn't last long.

3.) He was so excited to see us when we picked him up. He ran up to us and gave us hugs & checked out Jack in his car seat. It was so cool to see that he had stopped crying and really enjoyed his day. His teacher said he played outside & worked at the coloring table & played in the imaginative play station for a long time.

4.) Evan did have one accident, but he told Mark & me that he got into some water while outside, so we're not sure what happened. We talked for a long time about going potty in the bathroom & not having accidents, and on his second day of pre-school he was accident free. Good job buddy!

5.) This is going to be a great experience for him. He talks about playing with other kids & is already excited about taking his cars to school on Friday for show-and-tell. I love having a couple hours to myself in the mornings, and he definitely needs the socialization. This was a good decision and I'm happy with the way things are going.

6.) His second day of school, today, went smoothly. A few tears during departure, but only for 3 or 4 minutes, and then he was fine. He did another art project (a self portrait) and played at the water table. I am so happy he is adjusting to our time apart.

Jack got to hang out with me while Evan was in school:

Every night is different with Evan. Sometimes he wants stories & to read books, other nights he doesn't. Last night he wanted book after book after book:
Look at me multi-task! Reading a book, holding a baby, and giving a bottle. I think I am due for a super
mom award soon :-)

Jack is the happiest little guy! He is all smiles, even though he is fighting a mild cold & is teething. He loves to be talked to & to be held:

I am off to work on more of Jack's baby album & some digital stuff.

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