Tuesday, June 15, 2010

King's Island - Part 1.

Abby, Evan, Jack, and I made our first trip to King's Island last week, the day before Abby flew back to Washington. I purchased season passes for the family back in May, and I really wanted to take Abby with me for our first trip. King's Island is about 30 minutes from our house, and with the passes we get free parking & unlimited visits to the park. What I liked about this amusement park when I was researching it was the amount of rides & attractions for kids Evan's age. He is the perfect height to go on almost every ride in Planet Snoopy, and can go on a couple of rides in the main park, too.

This was the last photo I took in the park. Evan was exhausted and pouting a little because we had to leave. The weather forecast said low 70's with a good chance of rain, so I dressed the boys in t-shirts and long pants. That was a big mistake. It was 82, hot, and muggy, and we were all over dressed. He was so sweaty & sticky by the time we left, but he loved every second we were there.

This was Evan's first time on a real roller coaster. He hid in Abby's lap the whole ride, but at the end he looked up at her and said "I want to do it again!".

I adore this photo of Evan and Abby. He loves his Auntie so, so much and I know he misses her. It was all about Abby when she was here. I heard "no, Abby will do it" more times than I care to admit.

Evan and me while we were waiting in line for the roller coaster.

When I asked Evan what his favorite ride was, he said the little green cars. He loved riding in them and gave me a thumbs up as he was driving down the last hill.

Aren't these just the cutest little helicopters you have ever seen?

I love Evan's thumbs up in this photo.

Jack was a trooper the whole time we were there. He was comfy in his new stroller, and was really good until the very end when he started getting tired and cranky.

The bumper cars were an instant favorite. He got a little frustrated when his car got stuck, but he figured out how to turn the wheel and get himself away from the walls. And look at that face... I don't think he could be more excited.

The swings were the only ride that was just okay. They barely moved, and I think Evan was a little bored.

It was a near-perfect day & everyone had a great time. Evan asks me every morning if we are going to King's Island today, and he talks about our trip with Abby almost as much. Thanks for visiting Abby, we miss you!

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