Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I Love Summer:

Good Books. I usually read more during the summer months, and this year is no exception. Right now I'm reading Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. It's definitely chick lit, but super funny & should be a quick read. I have another Jen Lancaster book, and a Jodi Picoult book on my to-do list for this summer as well.

Outdoor Photography. I love his hat and toothy grin :-)

Jack @ 13 months.

Baseball. When the DirecTV installer told me I could get the Mariner's games in Ohio, I was thrilled. There are a few drawbacks, though: 1.) Most of the games start at 7pm pacific time, which is 10pm eastern time (good thing I'm a night owl). 2.) Mark probably thought he was escaping my Mariner's obsession when we moved across the country. Little did he know! 3.) The Mariners aren't very good this year.

BBQ. I love it when Mark barbecues during the summer. It means I don't have to cook (except to marinade the meat), and Mark is really good at barbecuing, so it's always yummy.

Home Improvement Projects. Mark assembled this collage above our kitchen table & I love it. Ali Edwards posted a photo collage from her baby's nursery awhile back, and I knew I wanted to do something similar when we moved. Two of the photos were taken by Terri Beloit Photography, but the rest are mine.

Flowers. I am not as comfortable with nature photography as I am taking pictures of people, but I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this beautiful hydrangea when we were at King's Island two weeks ago.

Visitors. Evan was so, so sad when Abby had to fly home a few weeks ago. Ev loved having her here for 8 days & asks us regularly when we are flying to Grandma and Grandpa's house to see her again.

Abby @ 22. Evan @ 4.

Family Time.
Game night, King's Island, family walks, movies, and playing outside are a few of our favorite things to do during the summer as a family.

Time to Scrapbook.

[Supplies - (all supplies are Karla Dudley Designs) Cardstock: Sunkissed. Tag: Fly Boy. Staples: Digi Essentials. Word brush: No. 1 Dad. Font: Georgia.]

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends. I am off to check on Jack, who has come down with a virus & isn't feeling well at all. Poor guy has had a fever all day and isn't sleeping well :-(

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