Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharon Woods

After a rainy, dreary Saturday I was thrilled the weather decided to cooperate on Sunday. Mark, Abby, and I took the boys to Sharon Woods for the afternoon so Evan could ride his bike and play on the big toy, and Mark could see the sea turtles in the science center :-)

Evan spent most of his time on his bike zipping along the paths. He was quite the stud with his muscle tank top & shades (which matched his bike, of course).

I love this photo of Abby, Mark, Evan, and Jack. We are going to miss Abby so much when she has to leave tomorrow!

Evan really loved being on his bike for almost two hours.

And Jack was a happy camper in the swing & in his stroller (especially if he was eating a cracker).

Mark and I walked hand-in-hand. That was so nice.

Abby spent some quality time with both boys. They adore her, and her, them. It's fun to sit back and watch them laugh and giggle and be silly.

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Dion said...

God knows Mark needs more wildlife in his everyday life, so far the closest thing he has are likely his fellow engineer/nerds... which do count on some level as wildlife, I know my people.