Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, Jack:

If you only knew how many hours I have spent stressing over your wonky eating habits. You are so finicky about what foods you like & when you want to eat, and meal time has become more than chaotic around here. One day you devour bananas and cereal for breakfast, and the next you throw it all on the floor. Some days you love bread, others you don't. Some days you like strawberries, other days you would rather fling them at me. Good thing you are cute because I could be a very frustrated mama! But I know you aren't starving, and you're not eating junk food, so I'm sure you are regulating your food intake just fine.

[Supplies - Digital template: Template Set No. 1. White cardstock: Sunkissed. Patterned Paper: Sunkissed. "Life" tag: Spring Anticipation. "Tuesday" brush: Handwritten: Weekdays. "May" brush: Spring Anticipation. Scallop brush: Happy Day. Font: Georgia.]

And I love you. Even when you throw your bananas at me and they stick in my hair.


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