Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bonus Assignment No. 2

The second lesson of Jessica Sprague's "Up & Running with Photoshop" class included a bonus lesson with a couple of free downloads. Our assignment was to complete a page using the white paper included & a brush. Here is my take:

A few notes about today:
  • Mark, Roy, Evan, Jack, & I took a trip to the Moscow Farmer's Market today & picked up the best corn-on-the-cob I have ever had.
  • Mark spent the afternoon cleaning & organizing his office. It looks so much better already! Next week I need to tackle my office as well. I haven't done anything in there in months & I want to put together a few layouts & cards in the next few weeks.
  • Evan loves the photos I took at the beach & asked tonight to see them on my "puter." I showed him the layout I created and he asked to touch it, so I need to send it to the printer soon! He truly loved our vacation to Rockaway, and I cannot wait to take him back. Thank you mom & dad for making our vacation possible and making Evan so very happy.
  • Jack is growing & changing everyday. Right now he loves to sit in his swing & play with his butterfly. He also likes to be talked to & he gives the biggest grin when someone smiles or laughs at him.
That's it for us... we are just doing our thing, trying to spend as much time together as possible before school starts. Plus we have to be thinking about our impending move & making that transition as stress-free as possible, for us & the kids. Any advice on moving across the country with two young kids would be appreciated!

Have a blessed Sunday, friends.

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