Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JS Tutorials & a layout (or two!)

I'm writing this in a sleep-deprived fog, so forgive me if I have a typo or something that just doesn't make any sense. Jack has been sleeping with us in the morning, usually from 3 or 4am until we get up, but I have decided to have him start sleeping on his own. He disagrees with my decision. Loudly. At three and five am this morning, especially. So... I'm really, really tired & trying to find low-key things for us to do today that don't require much movement on my part. Add to that some insane insomnia and my brain is a little scrambled!

But.. I'll get through it & the boys are in good moods this morning, which makes last night (almost) forgettable.

I am working through Jessica Sprague's "Up & Running with Photoshop" & I have a layout to share:

And last night I worked on a couple more free tutorials on her website. The first photo we converted to sepia. I have done this before, but this technique was using a different function in PSE:

Here is the same photo, but converted to black + white:

And this photo we created a "dreamy" look:

Jack is looking a little sleepy & Evan wants to play cars with me, so I better run. Have a restful Wednesday.

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