Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jack @ 3.5 months

I haven't been updating because of doctor's appointments & family in town. Thank you mom & dad for spending the weekend with us!

I wanted to post a conversation I had with Evan at our physician's office on Friday:

(Evan needed to go potty & insisted on doing it completely by himself... he even shut the door and left me in the hallway).

Me (talking through the door): "Evan, how are you doing?"
Evan: "I going pee!!!"
Me: "Are you okay?"
Evan: "I all done!!!!"
Me: "Wash your hands!"
Evan:"I. TOO. SMALL!!!!!"
I walked in and he is reaching over the counter, too short to turn the handles on the faucet. I think the entire clinic heard our conversation... but I love how Evan's vocabulary & comprehension has improved dramatically over the summer. I think I have my parents and sister to thank for that!

I will post more later tonight or tomorrow.

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