Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jack @ 3 Months

It has taken me so long to write this post! We have been busy unpacking & grocery shopping & doing lots of laundry. But I did want to share some things about Jack @ 3 months:

Jack has figured out how to put his fists in his mouth & he loves to suck on them. He also likes to blow bubbles and coo
at his mommy & daddy & auntie!

My mom got Jack an adorable butterfly toy from the Learning Sprout last week, and it quickly became his favorite. He
loves to chew on the wings & hold grab the rings and shake it.

Jack didn't get a lot of time to use his swing before we left in May, so he's been making up for lost time the last few days.
He loves to stare at the mobile and have Evan talk to him while he swings.

Of course we had to introduce Jack to Lorelie when we got home. He loved her! He smiled & giggled at her, and
reached out to touch her.

I had to include this photo... I took it in our hotel room with our point & shoot camera. Definitely not perfect, but I don't have many photos of all four of us, so this was my attempt to capture our little family right now.

Jack is getting more comfortable being on his back & playing with his toys. He has a really soft blanket that I put him
on and he plays with his butterfly or other teether toys.

I got this great seet for Jack at a garage sale & it has been a hit! He can sit up and play with the toys on the tray, or I can put toys on it for him to pick up and chew.

Mark took this photo of the three of us... Jack has gotten used to having his photo taken & Evan is good about it for the most part. Jack likes to hold his hands when he is being held. I think it is so cute!

We had a couple of photo shoots with Terri Beloit Photography last week. If you want to see some of the amazing
photos she took, you can click on the name. Thank you, Terri!

We have dinner plans tonight & some errands to run this weekend, but I hope to post a couple of layouts soon!


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