Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jessica Sprague Tutorial

Tonight I decided to take a break from my Jessica Sprague class & try out one of her free tutorials. I started with the first one listed: Add a Grungy Edge to a Photo.

I used one of my favorite photos of Evan to create my grungy frame:

We have four appointments this week, with number two tomorrow morning. Evan has a check-up with his Pediatric
Cardiologist in Moscow for his annual ECG & ultrasound. Last year he was very uncooperative with the nurse who was
trying to do the ECG, so this year I have been talking about the procedure for days. I even made chex muddy buddies as
a bribe! It will be so much less stressful if he lets them do the procedures without a fuss.

We had Jack weighed & measured today. He is tipping the scales at 18.5 pounds and is 26.5 inches long! He is above
the 95th percentile in both categories.

I will post some photos & layouts tomorrow or Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Tuesday :-)

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