Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photo Session #2

My parents were kind enough to bring my camera charger with them on Friday, so I took more photos of Jack in front of the black velvet I have on hand. He sure is an easy baby to photograph! I love his cute smile & goofy expressions. Evan was a wee bit jealous of Jack & the attention he was receiving, so he got in on a few photos as well. I love, love, love how they turned out:

They two boys have a matching head tilt :-)

I intend to add a frame & possibly some brushes to these photos to display them in my home, but I wanted to get them
on my blog for my parents and our family to see. I have to say I am awfully proud!

We have started introducing oatmeal cereal to Jack, and he is undecided if he likes it or not. Most of the time we get a
half scowl/half "this is really yucky!" face from him:

Tomorrow is going to another beautiful day here & we have plans to walk the Chipman Trail & do a little grocery
shopping before heading to the park. I love spending time with my munchkins :-)

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Dion said...

I remember never liking oatmeal as a kid unless the oatmeal/syrup ratio was much more favorable on the syrup side. In other words, would you like some oatmeal with your liquid sugar?